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Users search, swipe & save and are connected directly to your website or social media accounts!

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  • Its EXTRA exposure to existing promotions or sales pages! You don’t have to create something new for the app.

  • Users search by category which means they are LOOKING for your type of business! Not just promoting randomly.

  • MONTHLY REPORTING on the number of clicks through to your social & website is provided.


How it works!

  1. Sign up as a business on the app
  2. Create a business profile
  3. If you have a current promotion you can create a promotion ’tile’. This is a snap shot of what you offer,  and you can even add a link to a SPECIFIC promotion page!
  4. Hit publish and within 24 hours your promotion will be live!
  5. You will then receive and email with upgrade options if you want to really give your promotion a BOOST!

Monthly Reporting Delivered!

You receive MONTHLY REPORTING to see how many clicks your promotion received! How many clicks to your website AND clicks to your social media accounts.  We can work with you to make your promotions work the best they can. 

You are in control!

The poppy app allows you to be in control of when and what you promote! Set dates on your promotional tile & it will display only when your promotion is current.


  • Make your promo tile short and snappy!
  • Link to a particular promotion page if you have one.
  • The app points people your way! If you are vague or misleading potential customers will know this when they arrive at your site.
  • Contact us anytime for upgrade options! We want to make your promotion POP! 

Checkout our tips on how to make the BEST promotion on POPPY!

Check out our tips on how to make the most of using the app. We have given you some great things to remember when adding your promotions. We WANT to make your business POP! 





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We want to make your promotion POP! 

If you have a great business and a great promotion running we want to help you get it seen. The poppy app is how you can get noticed by customers actually LOOKING FOR WHAT YOU HAVE!.