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    Keep your text to 100 characters or less and be SPECIFIC! A percentage off! A FREE DOWNLOAD! Two for one! This will get peoples attention. They will look further into your business and socials once you have them with your great offer.


    We do a lot of sharing the love free of charge but if you want to be guaranteed to be seen on our social or in an EDM – get in touch! We can work with budgets so don’t hesitate to ask.


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  • Please include details of what you will be offering. We require an offer so we can make you stand out and promote a great reason to check out your business! AN OFFER CAN BE, a discount , another kind of bonus, an informative & relevant blog post, a download or guide. You are welcome to offer what you like! However a great & strong offer will always attract more attention 🙂 An offer of a 20% discount will get a greater response than a 10%. We are always happy to guide you as to what might work best for your business.
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