For the past 12 months I had added the 5 day plan to my cart at least 5 times and had never actually committed.

Being the beginning(ish) of the year and feeling like a lumpy mass I took the plunge and hit pay on the Sukha Life 5 day plan….

Here is my review.

To begin with, I already liked Sukha Life. How can you not?! Their branding is clean and healthy looking, their instagram is beautiful, vibrant…. It was something I wanted to be part of (but from my couch scrolling with my uggs on)

I had been in there to buy a juice once and had met one of the founders Amy. She had been friendly and helpful and obviously passionate, I like people like that.

So having finally signed up for my plan, I was excited. The food from Sukha life is advertised on the website as plant based, vegan, gluten free and designed as a complete diet overhaul but will not leave you unsatisfied or thinking about food.


I read this with great interest while finishing off my last (of many) pork dumplings….. for now.

The day before my plan was due to start, I was looking forward to a whole new me. I was already feeling healthier, smug at the thought of my future Elle McPhearson body, Zoe Foster-Blake skin and the ‘higher than’ aura of someone who abstains from the alcohols (I could only imagine at this point). 

It wasn’t about weight loss (it totally was) it was about a bigger change in mindset (weight loss) and attitude (2-3 kgs down was the goal). This was going to be good.

But even before I started I had started to realise the other benefits that were coming my way…..

For the entire 5 days I was going to know EXACTLY what I had spent.

I am a TOTAL shocker for treating moiself in the food department. I have many a snaccident. I LOVE a sneaky sushi train, uber eats pho, plenty of takeaway coffees and as I’m often on the run I can think nothing of spending a $15-20 here or there on a roll, drink or whatever takes my fancy at the time. I’d be scared to do a weekly tally on the extras I don’t even think about. This week for five days I knew exactly what I was going to be spending.

The convenience and basically no mess.

This one is huge for me and like any busy mum, I hate having to think about a million meals, for my kids, my husband and I (we have very different tastes) and making sure it’s some level of ‘no guilt inducing’ healthiness. For 5 days all I had to do for myself was take off a lid. Perfect. And no dishes. Even more perfecter.

And also, it’s pretty damn affordable.

Considering you receive 5 breakfasts, 5  lunches and 5 dinners plus a hand full of healthy looking brews it is amazing value. Everything is fresh and sizeable. I paid under $220 for the 5 days. That works out to $45 per day. At first glance this may seem more than you’d want to spend on food but, the convenience and health benefits need to be taken into consideration, If you are feeling like I was and it makes a difference to that feeling…. well, there is a lot of value in that. Also they have a 1 day and a 3 day plan too, so take a look at all the options on their site. 

All this before I even start…..


I’m away! The first meal is a big green bitty looking smoothie. Thinking this was the usual dirt tasting green juice type thing that was going to give me slap in the face of what was ahead I was literally ecstatic when it was the opposite! IT WAS DELICIOUS. And big.

Here is a photo of me feeling not sad….

By lunch I was looking forward to food (I usually am)  but I wasn’t starving and it was nice not to swing on the fridge door for 20 minutes staring at old philly cheese and half a banana.

So as I chowed down on my pumpkin and pickle buddah bowl I was again, for the second time in the day, starting to believe in a world of healthy AND delish AND big food. 

Having easily lasted to dinner without being super hungry it was nice not to be like a maniac running on empty trying not to steel bits of what the kids where having for tea to alleviate the pangs. What was also nice is that MY DINNER WAS READY TOO! SO I SAT WITH THEM AND ATE! How novel! It was storybook! Me with my healthy dinner the kids with dinosaur nugs……..

My first dinner was a Cleansing greens salad with a salsa Verde. TBH (casual acronym, I’m a cool mum) I thought I could take or leave kale, but tonight it was a firm TAKE! Dinner was obviously healthy it was green as grass but it was truly good. The verde was so yummy and it really is a big serve so quite honestly I almost couldn’t believe it when I was full and happy.

I was not expecting the first day of the healthiest eating I have done in a long time to be so easy….  

Day 2

WELL GOOD MORNING. What is this tasty tub I see before me? Its Vanilla and peanut granola with coyo….. where have you vanilla bean all my life? (ugh I hate me). It again doesn’t disappoint and I happily get to lunch no sweat.

Beetroot makes me smile because I like it and because of this

So my lunch of black rice, roasted beetroot, olives, chickpeas and cabbage salad was both delicious and amusing… 

Dinner – Skin Glow Bowl? Considering I look like I am on a solid diet of Skin Dull and Grey bowls I was optimistic about what this dinner was going to do for me. This salad was a mix of quinoa (which for a good long time I confidently pronounced queen-noah, what a dunce), carrot (which for a long time I have pronounced correctly as carrot), coriander, nuts and seeds and an almond mustard. Truthfully is was a fair amount of purple cabbage but with the addition of another great little sauce again, I ate the whole thing, was satisfied and feeling pretty pumped I’m 48 hours in and haven’t wavered!


I’m going to move it along from here as Im sure you get the jist. This is a rave review…. 🙂

Wednesday kicked off with BLUEBERRY SCONES CASHEW CREAM! Say wha..?

Followed by a list of meals over the next few days like;

  • Sushi Bowl with wasabi cashew mayo
  • Spicy mushroom burger
  • Chia pudding with caramelised banana
  • Ratatouille with millet

In my opinion every one was tastier than it looked, big & filling.

I stole this from the Sukah Life website. I do not take good food photography

The wrap up

By my final meal on Friday night I’ll admit to looking forward to something a little more…. animal based. But after 5 days of not feeling that ‘I ATE TOO MUCH” or salty/too much soy sauce or that empty/low feeling, I really did feel good. I felt kind of calm. Which was surprising because the week I took this on, outside of food was not a good one for me. It was the week in Adelaide where we hit 47 degrees, we had two awesome trips to the women’s and children’s (everyone is fine, but anyone who has done that panic fuelled trip knows how fun it is – No stars, do not recommend). We also had a school starter who was adjusting to the change…. I had every reason to eat things that make me feel better (yes – im talking about you again dumplings…) but I didn’t, I didn’t need to.

I will admit to having 2 glasses of wine on the 47 degree day. I wasn’t actually sure if Adelaide was going to explode and I couldn’t be completely sober for that if it did happen.

This is an example of my terrible food photography. Not even portrait mode can save it.

I’m not sure I lost weight (anyone else go up and down almost every day within around 3kgs?) but I felt great, I felt lighter. Physically I felt good but mentally I felt great.

It’s not something I could do every week (although they do have a subscription service) as I would miss my faves and I do need to be thrifty but its certainly one of the best things I’ve done for my overall well being in a while and will do again soon! 

What a great Adelaide business! 5 stars. Totally recommend. If you are a jamesdaisy member you’ll also get 10% off a plan!










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