How I can help your juggle!

It occurred to me this week that after 3 years of working on my business helping women outsource I know a lot about how to do it properly…. There are lessons I have learned and tips I have picked up over the years that I want to pass on, because it actually isn’t always easy. Often it’s hard to let go of doing what you’ve always done and there can be guilt about not being able to manage IT ALL…. But if you outsource properly it really can be life changing……

To begin with outsourcing doesn’t JUST happen. You actually have to make it happen. I have spoken to SO many women over the years that say things along the lines of ‘I would LOVE somebody to come and help me but I don’t know where to start/I’m embarrassed about my house/I don’t feel comfortable leaving my kids with someone…..

I understand all of these feeling because I feel the same! My house can be a total tip and often I’d HATE to let someone see the state it can reach….!

And there wouldn’t be many who feel absolutely, 100% ok leaving their kids with a brand new babysitter, I wouldn’t!

But with a little bit of effort and doing your due diligence in engaging someone – you are well on your way to creating a happier, less stressful life.

Because if you have these hurdles and you don’t get over them, you also have to accept then that you wont make help happen. Someone is not just going to turn up at your doorstep who you like and trust and take everything off your hands and do those jobs just the way you like them done…….

It takes a little effort to get it right. 

I am going to use the example of household help because in my experience this the area that most busy women could use and if they get it right, it could be life changing. Seriously.


1. It’s ok to ask for an interview/have a phone chat/meet & ask for police checks.

Many clients seem to think that the process might be go straight from deciding you are going to get some household help to having someone in you home. What if you don’t like them? What if they do the jobs wrong? They feel like it might be rude to ask for references, checks, an interview…. I’m here to tell you ITS NOT! Call and chat over the phone to whoever you are thinking about booking as a first step – then ask to meet for coffee/interview and ASK for the checks. Honestly most people are MORE than happy to provide you with anything you need and if they are not, they are not the person for the job anyway.

2. It may take some time

You will need to give this time. You will need to make the time to meet someone. Think about how they can help. You will need to be reasonable that to find the right person might take more than a month but once you do imagine how great it will be long term.

3. Hold interviews

It’s ok to interview and meet people until you are happy to give someone a go. Once you are happy, be clear (in a friendly way) that the first 1 or 2 goes are a trial (paid or an agreed amount – Don’t expect a FREE trial). Be clear on your expectations and be confident and happy to give clear instructions. You have to remember that this person is basically an employee and wants the job! So they will want to ensure they do it well.

4. It won’t be free

Help does cost money. You will need to budget for the time you are hoping to have help for BEFORE going ahead. You don’t want to feel stressed that you are paying for something you can’t afford every week. If you can only afford 2 hours a week then this is what you book. As a guide for general household help I would expect to pay between $20-$30 an hour dependent on task required and experience and going DIRECT (not through an agency).  Also – I swear if I’ve learnt anything it’s this, good, experienced people are worth paying an extra $5 an hour for. The difference in result is worth a lot more than the $5.

5. Respect them as an employee

Be respectful. As I said earlier this person is an employee and there needs to be a mutual respect for this as a formal relationship, despite it being a close and trusting one. Remember the lines and general respect. No one these days is expected to put up with an employer that treats them poorly and of course visa versa.

6. Consider any risks

If you are going to ask the person to take on tasks such as running errands or child minding make sure you have a written agreement on what this means regarding insurance or expectation. Commonly household help could be a student saving or working around other jobs and you will need to make sure you are 100% clear on what qualifications they have and who’s insurance covers what in the case of an incident.

7. You can outsource your outsourcing

If you want to spend as little time as possible yourself and are not confident in interviewing or reference checking there are AMAZING services that can do this for you like;

In Adelaide we have a few beauties like..

Just remember though these are services and you need to be prepared to pay for what they take off your hands. You cannot expect that service specific agencies will have the same fees as going direct. They do a lot of the hard work and ongoing management for you.