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The aim at Poppy is maximum exposure on minimum budget.

We ARE a small business who thinks BIG! 

Hey Poppy – We get it!

Sometimes you just want to get something done….

Hey Poppy provides direction & resources to small businesses & agencies. We work with a huge range of freelancers & contractors and our own small team to provide you with efficient & cost effective solutions to your overflow or outsourcing. Writers, designers, finished artists, photographers, social media experts and more. You name it we can help you get it done!

Hello! I am Amy Marshall, founder of Hey Poppy & The Poppy App.

I have worked for over 15 years in various design & production studios as a manager & producer. Finding the very best people for different jobs coming in and out of production was part of what I did and I did it well! It doesn’t matter if the job was big and complex or small and simple, creating the best result in the most efficient and cost effective way was my goal. Time and time again! And I delivered. 

At Hey Poppy, my goal is the same! I can help you work out where exactly you want to go in business and then come up with an actionable plan to get you there. We can help you do this OR give you guidance to implement yourself!

What is different about how I work is that it is not only direction and strategy I can help you with. My experience in production & running my own business has given me hands on experience in implementation in many MANY areas!

Once we work out a plan to get you to where you want to go, I can also help you with connection to get this done. We engage designers, writers and content producers (and more resources!) that will all be available to you if you wish!

I work with the best people to offer you a range of services from big & complex to small and simple. By using my experience, process and ability to understand what you want I will make sure you don’t overspend or over complicate. We understand small businesses and the need for reliable & efficient resources! I am here to help you get the result you want.


Hey there!

Here’s what you might like to know. I have…

  • Worked on award winning TV programs
  • Produced commercials at a local, national & international level
  • Worked with international creative professionals including Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil talent
  • Produced Virtual Events with Lisa Messenger & Industry Experts
  • Designed and created our Hey Poppy app 
  • Built a business with over 5k members & 500+ small businesses
  • Produced an online magazine
  • Created podcast episodes
  • Currently I work with a number of freelancers & contractors from junior through to senior. As part of Poppy I can connect you to who I recommend! 


Hey Poppy is NOT a freelance placement agency. 

If you are in need of extra resources, we take a brief, discuss the budget & timing and take over the management of the job you need completed.

Before commencing we provide a budget and outline of how we will proceed. You will receive a quote clearly presented with both the costs of the work being produced and the management of the job separately.

Using our broad range of contractors, freelances and our own team we are able to work quickly and efficiently to turn your job around.

Hey Poppy specializes in taking the pressure off! We don’t just provide resources we manage your jobs and find the perfect fit to ensure the best result as efficiently & cost effectively as possible.


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