About me.

I have a bee in my bonnet…. a thorn in my side…a fly in my wine…. wait….does that one work?…


You may or may not have been here before… reading my ‘about’ story…

If you have – welcome back! Things have changed a little. If not – well hello! I’m happy you’d like to know a little bit more about me.

I LOVE my kids (Freddie and Josie) and I LOVE working. And I LOVE socialising ;). This makes for quite the….. yep, Im going to say it ‘juggle’!

I have worked super hard all my life in the advertising industry. I have been lucky to work with the most incredible creative people here in Adelaide and all over the world in my job as a producer. When I had my children I found myself in a strange place I never thought I would… I couldn’t go back to the job I loved. But more interestingly to me I didn’t want to….

I could make this a very long story but I won’t, it’s a story that has been told many times before by new mums and others. It has words in it like ‘overwhelmed’, ‘struggle’, ‘exhaustion’ and ‘lost’ and I’m sure I don’t need to say much more for a lot of people to understand. But in short – My priorities had changed, my life had changed and of course I had changed.

About 6 months after I had my second child the idea for ‘jamesdaisy’ was borne. Jamesdaisy was an emotional little business with many highs and lows. Originally I wanted to offer busy women a way to find services easily and affordably. I put my absolute ALL into providing this the best way I could. HOWEVER, being new, fresh and a little too optimistic about a few things I found that there was something else happening on the side of my core offering that I was finding a lot more exciting….

Part of jamesdaisy was working with incredible businesses big, medium and small to create offers to members. Once I got the hang of this part of the business I found it was what I loved the most. I LOVED giving businesses a way to connect with and audience that worked positively for each.

But as I put more focus on this, the numbers of members and businesses grew very quickly and became messy and less beneficial for both……

So in August this year I made the decision to streamline my business and start taking the steps to making it a free platform for users to find amazing business but with a bonus!

Along with a partner company we created the POPPY app that works just like a directory but searches for current promotions.

This directed me to the time for a fresh name for the fresh focus.

POPPY is the new black! 😉 Along with our app we will have a free bi-annual mag with NO ads or promotion, just valuable information from our amazing businesses.

I’m excited and never afraid of challenges so I hope what I bring you is in some way of benefit – whether you are a business or a member.

Thanks for being here!

Amy x





“If you think Im being immature you can get the hell out of my fort”


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