Hey Poppy! 

Hey there!

I’m Amy the founder of Hey Poppy.

I spent a loooong time in the advertising industry. Over 18 years. I worked with some incredible agencies and creative directors and loved whole heartedly my job as a producer. I have worked on television commercials at a local, national and international level and been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best in the biz. BUT there is nothing I love more than my own business I have been growing for the past 4 years.

I am a born ‘connecter’. I LOVE ‘hooking people up’ and taking all my skills as a producer and putting them in to this business means I get to do what I love & hopefully make a difference to the lives of busy women.

Hey Poppy is for busy women. The reason why I wanted to make something for busy women is I am an uncommon culprit of taking on too much, expecting too much of myself, putting everyone else first and wading pretty much constantly in a few inches of mum guilt…..

It’s not the way it should be and I am always making an effort to change this but in the meantime, what I like are things that are easy. Low commitment. Fun. Funny! Valuable. THIS IS HEY POPPY!

Plus, I love a laugh, who doesn’t. So hopefully you get this along the way too…

Our website is here. You’re on it. It has the usual. It has a blog we love writing, it has an aaaahhhhmmmazingly large business directory and it has access to our cool virtual expos. What else I created to make it even FUNNER, EVEN EASIER, EVEN FREE-ER (?) is our Poppy App!

This is our proud product. I’d love you to take a look.

So glad you are here,

Amy x