Hey Poppy connects busy women with the best businesses and the best from businesses and linking them straight to the source!

I’m Amy and I have created Hey Poppy to connect amazing businesses with clients and customers in a unique way!

You see my background is as a producer in the advertising industry & I’ve done this for almost 20 years (I started my career a zillion years ago working on the set of Mcleods Daughters! 😂). A producer is all about connecting, bringing people together, but not just anyone, people who NEED each other. People who benefit from direct relationships with the best people to help them achieve their vision.

Hey Poppy is using all the skills I’ve learned being a producer, from being part of the creative advertising industry, from all the incredible connections I have with people with AMAZING skills and bringing it to you.

I work with some pretty special people (who I’ll introduce over the next few months) so aside having created a cool app platform with an amazing audience. Weather you are a business or a poppy user you will benefit from being part of it! 

So – thanks for taking the time to read, I look forward to bringing you a shit ton 😜

Amy x

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