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We love finding amazing businesses & Slay Vacay is one of those! They have beautiful eyewear to keep you looking good while on holiday! They have kindly let us share their top 4 sunscreens picks. Perfect timing while the holidays are getting closer! ...

Feeling overwhelmed? Simple ways to de-stress on the spot!

Feeling overwhelmed? Simple ways to de-stress on the spot!

Feeling overwhelmed? Simple ways to de-stress on the spot We all have stressful days. Sometimes, you can power your way through and relax at the end of the day. But on other days, you need a way to shake off the stress. Here are some simple ways you can...

6 Simple Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Do Now

6 Simple Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Do Now

We’re all guilty of practising the art of all-or-nothing; if we don’t see changes right away, we think it isn't working and give up. But why are we in such a rush? If it took you years to build bad habits, its only natural to think that it will take just...

Easy Ways To Stay Cool, Calm And Collected

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes. When things get stressful, you might feel overwhelmed or even anxious about what to do. There is no magic chill pill – or at least, not one that we can prescribe you. But there are some little things you can do each...

The basics of meditation and why you might want to try it

The Basics Of Meditation, And Why You Might Want To Try It Everyone has heard that meditation is good for them. But for those who have never meditated before, jumping in might be a little scary. Or maybe you think you need hours of silence and perfect...

How I can help your juggle!

How I can help your juggle! It occurred to me this week that after 3 years of working on my business helping women outsource I know a lot about how to do it properly…. There are lessons I have learned and tips I have picked up over the years that I want to...

The Balls – With Bec Couche

    Bec Couche is one of my oldest friends! We have been best mates since she was lucky enough to take the seat next to me in year 9 maths. Now, I can’t tell you much about SOHCAHTOA or BODMAS, but what I can tell you is those that swivel on plastic chairs...